In March 2016 we participated in the not-for profit event on Guelph Campus called College Royal.  This event sees over 20,000 visitors every year.  We were able to take home 3rd place in the judging for the clubs display competition.  Our display featured free give-away coloring contests and really large weather ballon which children got to play with up close!  Check out our slideshow to the right.
In 2014 we were able to give $100 to the not-for-profit Creative Encounters Space Camp.  While the contribution wasn't much we supplied some fun rockets to show off the kids.  You can see a video of one of our rocket launches on the right.  Creative Encounters is an awesome science based summer day camp for youth from grades 2-9.  They also do an amazing public school program where they come in to public schools and do science teaching and demonstrations.