Project: Teach 3-D
Status: Recurrent

Description: Each year we host a learn to 3-D print session, the project being a model rocket nosecone. Teaching technology creates natural enthusiasm for space.

Future: Hopefully increase our sessions and work together more with 3-D printer managing club 'Guelph Innovation Society'.

Project: Y-Space 2016
Status: Complete

Description: We entered the space entrepreneurship contest hosted by SEDS with the goal placing and winning funds for our club. Successfully taking 3rd place. 

Future: There will be more contests held by SEDS and while our entry this year was sufficient, next year will be much tougher competition.

Project: Gryphon in Space
Status: In Progress

Description: The goal is to safely deliver our mascot the Gryphon to the edge of the atmosphere using a weather balloon. 

Future: Hopefully this same apparatus can be used to deliver a small Guelph inspired science project.